Compare Utility Bills With Neighbors.


You're a Comcast customer for 33 years.

But someone else on your block gets better service for less money.

Renegotiate your utility bills by learning what your neighbors pay.

Everybody on your block probably pays different prices for their internet / TV and phone service. Also, the utility companies have a strong upper hand when talking with you:

We are a civic project to fix this problem by empowering consumers to make better decisions.

Renegotiate your bill.

See what your neighbors pay, and call to ask for the same deal.

Review Comcast XFINITY bill


Works in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding neighborhoods.

It's free

We do not charge money for this service.


Send us your utility bill to compare. Use a smartphone with Snapchat or any computer to redact in seconds.

You redact

You remove account numbers, names and part of your address BEFORE sending us your bill. We also review and delete anything you missed before publishing.

Use the money to go on vacation or something.

Tell everyone you know.